Our Crown Story

Our vision is to produce high end SnapBack hats that would be made in small and limited quantities. We like to call them crowns. If you are looking for luxury headwear, you've come to the right place.  We pride ourselves on quality and originality. Our crowns are sized slightly larger than your average SnapBack. We cater to the locals here in Hawaii which are mostly of Polynesian descent. With that in mind we created our hats to accommodate a head size of up to 62cm. In fitted terms, that's a 7 7/8. Island Silver Crowns are all lined with black satin. We use industrial strength adhesive to mount our flat, 3D bills. Our custom made emblems are all handsewn, as opposed to being riveted on like most oversea mass production operations. It takes us about one hour to complete a single crown. Our most sought after crowns are made with Koa wood which here in Hawaii is very rare and highly prized in our state and around the world! Some call it "Hawaiian Gold."  We use different mediums including acrylic, acrylic mirror, engravable plastics and even real diamonds! We welcome the serious hat collectors as well as the beginners!

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